Discovering Cathar Country, the surroundings of Carcassonne

Domaine Saint-Joly in the Aude loves to take you around to discover this beautiful region

We will be happy to advice you once you're here. Meanwhile.....enjoy a virtuel visite!


We show you some tips for trips. Some of them near by, others a little further.

We can also show you the way to some lakes, were you can swim or where they propose somme nautical experiences.

Just keep in mind that you only need about half an hour driving around us, to find everything you need to have a wonderfull holiday experience!


We also are so kind to give you the address of our favorite terrace (besides  pouown at Domaine Saint-Joly of course!)

Go and have a drink or a snack and if you darde: waterski. Always a lovely athmosphere!



* Carcassonne :

* Castelnaudary:

* Fanjeaux:

* Toulouse:

* Narbonne:

* Revel - Sorèze:

and so mamy more....


Going to Narbonne, you're right next to the Mediterranean coast.

So enjoy the beaches: Narbonne (la vieille Nouvelle), St Pierre la Mer, Gruissan, ...

And don't forget to visit the salt lakes in Gruissan!


This is a nice one too: walking on wates in Peyriac de mer:


Welcome in Cathars Country! Discover all about the Castles and abbayes:


PARCS - MUSEUM and othe things to see or do:

* very nice zoo, focusssing on Australia:

* a magnifient zoo in Sigean:

* dinosaur museum:

* papier mill:  

* back in time!   *

* discover all about aeronautical:   *   *   *

* caves:   *    *   * 



Monday: Castelnaudary and Mirepoix

Wednesday: Bram

Saturday: Revel

In Summer time there are evening markets almost every week.

And in Carcassonne you will fin a market on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

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