Domaine Saint-Joly - Lasbordes, introduction

Rental of guestrooms and holiday cottages in the Aude

As the hectic and stressfull life slowly started to catch up with us,

we decided to go for a radical change in our life and to plunge into a completely new challenge.

Our quest ended right here at Domaine Saint-Joly in Lasbordes. This charming property seemed to us the perfect place to establish our very own bed & breakfast.

To create a place where our guests can come and discover this magnificent region.

‘us’, that is Chris & Stef.

Whether you are single or a couple, with or without kids, with your family or your friends….

We invite you to come (re) take a taste of life, to forget the daily stress.

We are here to guide you to discover our region.

Come and visit the Canal du Midi, the Cathar Country and Carcassonne!

   D6113 Lieu-dit Saint Joly F-11400 Lasbordes